London Office: Tel: 0207 917 9879 Address: 180 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9HF

Central Office: Tel: 01782 855700 Address: The Lodge, C/O Glenhough, Sandy Lane, Brown Edge, Staffordshire Moorlands ST6 8QL

Global Providers of the DISC tool

DISC toolTTI/Success Insights® Assessments are available in 90 Countries and 40 Languages including the justifiably famous DISC tool. The Success Insights Global Network is fast growing, highly skilled and professional. Being part of this network enables TTI/Success Insights UK to retain our high standards in Global Validity and National Norming especially in the DISC tool but most importantly allows your organisation to access multi-language response and translation.

 With Master Distributors in over 90 countries, the Global Network continues to ensure all languages are represented with complete accuracy throughout the DISC tool, Workplace Motivators Assessment, Emotional Quotient Assessments, TriMetrix Assessments, TriMetrix HD Assessments, Acumen Capacity Index Assessment, Sales Skills Index Assessment and other insightful reports.  Available in 40 languages, the descriptions have been carefully considered to suit native colloquialisms. 

 The highly competent teams in each country are responsible for representing the phenomenal TTI Success Insights® brand to the highest of standards and are dedicated to assisting your organisation to reduce staff turnover, increase engagement, increase motivation, increase sales and profit, improve commitment and select and retain superior performers.  They do this by applying their extensive knowledge of using the DISC tool and other assessments within the TTI Success Insights® range to their Distributors and End Users.

 The TTI Success Insights® International Conference is held annually and hosted by a different country and Master Distributor each year, this gives our family of consultants an amazing platform for our ideas to be heard, to feedback on our markets, exchange ideas for improvement and continue to develop our outstanding services and products.

 If your organisation is based outside of the United Kingdom, and you would like to contact your closest representative then please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.  Alternatively, please feel free to visit the Success Insights International website for further information by clicking on the logo.  We look forward to working with you!

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